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Not all NFTs are created equal!

We create a base layer for real artwork and collectables to be scribed on to a public blockchain ledger. These assets are paired with a 1 of 1 token, creating the non-fungible token associated with the physical asset.

We believe that a 1 of 1 token is the only true NFT. Lots of hype is in the market today regarding meme NFTs, which produces numerous versions of the same asset.

Why create a digital asset?

Digital assets are the best way to secure ownership, authenticity, value and location of a physical asset.

Manage & Sell Photos With Ease

Take your photo IP to the next level with real NFTs. Owning your content means you get paid when people buy your content.

Take Your Project to the Next Level

The future of art is digital, collectable and rare. We can help you bridge the gap from actual physical artwork and collectables to digital. 

Everything You Need In One Place

Thomas Kinkade

Virtual NFT Galleries created the first ever studio artist NFT connected to a physical painting. This 1 of 1 NFT sold on OpeaSea for 3.6 Etherium. We also curated numerous holiday collections on NeftyBlocks. 

Han Dynasty Jade

We have partnered with JDX to create the DLT solution for 2000 year old Jade from the Han Dysnasty.

Rare Space Elements

We have a steath project with the leading Space VC firm to tokenize rare space elements. Tracking supply chain, size and value creation.

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